Most popular questions

Below are answers to questions we get asked most often. If you have further questions or just simply want to chat and hear a human voice we totally appreciate this so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SR Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the SR Flower walls?

Our most popular Wall is 2.4m long x 2.3m tall, the perfect size for indoors and outdoors, large groups fit well in front of this size, great for photos also the ideal size for branding and neons to hang off. Entrance Wall 1.2m x 2.3m, perfect for an entrance way or a small venue photo backdrop / 2 -3 people will fit in front of this size for images, attach your logo /branding or even your menu to this mini wall our options are endless. Party Wall – 3.6m x 2.3m /4.6m x 2.3m extra panels are POA. Our day rate is based on our 2.4m x 2.3m Floral Wall. We love to get our creative on so please talk to us if you would like a custom size or design.

What type of faux flowers are used? Where are they from ? Who makes SR Floral Walls ?

Sienna Reid creatives hand select each and every flower which are luxurious silk flowers purchased ONLY from local NZ suppliers, as we strongly believe in supporting local (no imported plastic at SR). All our floral walls have been designed authentically & are original in their designs, hand crafted right here in NZ by Aimee our creative founder of Sienna Reid back in 2015/2016. Our SR floral walls will have you and your guest wondering if in fact the flowers are real. People have been seen smelling the SR floral walls. We pride ourselves on the quality of our flowers so we have the bees fooled.

Can I hang my sign or a neon on a SR floral wall?

Yes, you sure can simply discuss with us and we can add in brackets for your signage to go on. The brochettes are set in prior to your set up day.  A SR Neon will be hung for you by our SR Crew however any signage which is not provide by SR will be required to be hang by someone other than a SR crew member. If  you require a custom neon or signage we work with some awesome creatives and are happy to recommend our preferred suppliers.

What frame are SR walls made on? Can you see through the flower walls/does light shine through?

Absolutely not, our floral walls are full and lush no gaps or wire showing. Our wall bases have been custom designed by our local builder using recycled timber as the base frame. Then we get our creative on attaching all the foliage and hand placing all the florals ensuring you get a lush full floral backdrop having your guests second guessing weather the florals are in fact real. Our walls are solid and will not fall over in the wind or if a person happens to accidentally knock into one.

Can we move the floral wall once it’s at our event?

Of course, however this will need to be arranged prior to your set up to insure time is allocated for our SR crew to show you how to move the walls as they are solid and require strong 2 people to move. Make the most out of your floral wall for example you could have as a photo booth then use as a backdrop to your bridal table or uses as an entrance way feature then after move too sure as your photo booth. T&C apply.

Can the flower walls be displayed outdoors?

Yes, absolutely. Although, the ground must be dry and even, and the weather must be fine. Any water will damage the silk flowers and foliage. Get in touch with the SR crew to chat about your outdoor event. Flower walls can not be left outside overnight.

Flower wall delivery outside the Waikato?

Of course – we love a road trip. We can deliver our floral amazingness anywhere in the North Island, but please be advised that travel charges do apply. Get in touch with the SR crew to talk about delivery to your event location. We charge 0.76 cents per km (as recommended by the IRD) fees included for set up and pack downs + staff wages. If you event is more than 3 hours from Hamilton / or South Island SR locations you may like to discuss accommodation to travel charges, we are more than happy to discuss options with you.

Do you set the floral walls up for me?

Yes, we definitely do. The SR crew will show up at your event venue and put together the floral wall for you at the agreed time. As well as pack down. Please ensure close and easy access to the building as our walls are solid. PLEASE let our crew know prior to setting up your event if stairs are involved as a extra fee may be charged.

How long does it take to set up a Flower wall / Selfie Station ?

We allow 30- 45 minutes for a standard flower wall set up. Flower wall + Selfies station set up allowance up to 45-55 minutes including the SS run through. Please ensure you or an allocated person is onsite at the arranged time of set up for the flower wall and the location for the floral walls is already arranged. Time taken over the setup allocation or re locating the floral wall / selfie station will result in an extra set up fee. Pack down is less time.

Do I need power or Wifi for a Selfie Station/Neon?

YES power is required for the use of a Selfie Station at all times as well as a neon, you will be required to provide this power source as well as the correct extension cords and adapters for the power to run from the Neon or Selfie Station. It is recommended the setup is close to the power source. A solid wifi connection and password is needed if you wish to have images sent straight to your guests inbox at the time of taking their digital image. Images can be sent to you in a drop box folder after your event, if wifi is not available or a weak connection. This will need to be arranged prior to set up.

What does the back of the wall look like?

Our walls are solid some are painted black or are a natural polished timber, they do have safety legs at the back and are weighted with 30kg sand bags which are disguised. We recommend you place your floral wall backing onto a wall or a place people will not go behind or view. Allow space at the back as our walls do not sit up against pre-existing walls unless you have purchased a custom design installation.

Set up/Pack down at night? Same day? Next day?

Our standard floral wall hire is for 24 hours unless prior arrangement. Our floral walls are set up in day light due to health and safety regulations however if you require a after dark pack down we can arrange this for you, please note this will incur a late night pack down fee.

Will the SR crew stay and help with our event? Run the Selfie Station ?

The SR crew love any event! For an extra fee, our crew are available to style your event for you, or stay and take pictures. We provide you with electronic copies of the pictures taken via the selfie station. Contact us for a no-obligation free chat and quote.

Do you do other floral designs?

There is no limit to what we can do, we love all things floral and creative  – if you can think of it, together we can create it. Please get in touch to chat about your requirements – we’d love to help.

Can I see the floral walls before I book them?

Our florals are just as you see them on our website and IG however if you have not seen them out and about at other events and wish to check the quality we absolutely understand with so many filters, photoshop  now on images – it is hard to know what is real and what will actually turn up on your special day. We can arrange viewing for you as we have a storage space in Hamilton / Christchurch / Dunedin, by appointment only.

I can’t decide what I want. Can you help?

Absolutely! Please get in touch we can catch up for a wine or a coffee (or a cocktail) and chat about your upcoming event. We can custom make a floral creations especially for you, so we would love to make something that is perfect for your personality and your event.

Custom flower wall/green wall to keep?

Yes custom designs are available to purchase for your home/office/retail/salon space, simply get in touch with to discuss your installation requirements.

What are SR Sisters? Where are they based?

Sienna Reid sisters are creatives who have other event businesses throughout NZ and are trained by Aimee our SR founder in the art and ethics of Sienna Reid Floral Wall design, applying the SR Floral design methods ensuring you receive a quality service and floral backdrop at your next event. SR sisters have Sienna Reid branding on their IG accounts and websites. SR sisters are currently based in Christchurch and Dunedin. Sienna Reid HQ is now based in the Waikato.

Where is Sienna Reid HQ based?

Sienna Reid HQ is now based in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Do I need to pay a deposit/bond?

Yes, we do require a deposit to be paid prior to your booking date being secured, the remainder of the  invoice is to be paid in full 7 days prior to your event set up. A Bond is required for Floral Walls/Neon hire/Selfie Stations. Bonds are returned once the items have been safely returned and checked within 24 hours of return.

Do you offer fresh flowers or dried flowers?

Yes, we offer fresh and dried florals as custom designs. We have a dried floral wall option as well as custom dried floral designs. A fresh flower supplier as well as working with some incredible local florists which we are more than happy to recommend. Simply get in touch today to discuss your floral dreams and lets turn them into reality for you.

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you. Please tap here to get in touch with Aimee & The SR crew –😊