The below basically says we LOVE that you LOVE what we have created and Thank you for choosing us to celebrate with. The crisp white collared i dotters insisted we put  the below in for extra safety. The below basically says if our designs are harmed, left outside and or Aunty karen pockets a flower or breaks our items you pay for it, if someone is being silly gets hurt doing something they shouldn’t, we’re not held responsible.
Sienna Reid  Terms  & Conditions



Please refer to our what we do page for a list of our floral creations and the fees to hire each item. Each floral design is POA.


Delivery outside of the main SR HQ  charges may apply (plus GST) 0.76 cents per kilometre plus staff charges. We deliver and install our floral backdrops in the North Island & South Island.

1.3 – BOND

A refundable bond of 50% of the hire fees will may be charged for each booking. Any loss or damage will be deducted from the bond. If the loss or damage exceeds the value of the bond, you will be invoiced for the additional costs. Payment is to be made in full within 24 hours so we have the chance to re create order and have ready for the next clients Wedding day /Special event.  We have yet to find the perfect  formula to grow money on our backyard trees, so please unless you have a few of these please look after our creations with love.

When the Sienna Reid hire item/s are returned in their original condition, the bond will be refunded via bank transfer within three (3) business days.

In other words: Please be gentle, we really love our floral creations and we want them back in the same condition we gave them to you in. That way, the next person gets to have just as much fun with them. Each floral is accounted for, so tell Karen to take the bloom out of her bag and put it back in the Floral Wall. 


If the Sienna Reid floral creations are not available to be collected on or before the agreed collection time, an additional hire fee WILL be charged. This additional fee will be due within seven (3) days of the hire period.

In other words: Please make sure the floral backdrops / selfie stations/ neons  are ready to go when we arrive. Ensure we have access to the building on time as we have other people who think were pretty awesome and want to hang out with us. 


Once your booking is requested, a booking form will be sent, once you have sent this back an invoice will be issued. This invoice will include the rental fee/s, delivery fee and bond. A booking is not considered confirmed until the invoice is paid in full, by making payment for your SR/ SS hire you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

In other words: We need to know you’re serious about your booking. We get lots of enquiries about our floral amazingness and don’t want anyone to miss out only to have you ghost us when we call or email.



Typically, your items are delivered to the venue on the morning of the event and collected the following morning. Use the Booking Form to specify a delivery time, delivery address (including venue name) and contact details of a person on site.

In other words: You get the floral amazingness for about 24 hours, we promise that is more than enough time to take plenty of amazing pics and impress your guests.


Access to the venue must be available at the agreed delivery time. If access is not available an additional set up fee WILL be charged.

Please ensure that there is an entrance way to the venue that is at least 2.3m high and 2.3m wide. Please advise on the Booking Form if there are stairs to get into the venue, as our floral walls may not fit due to their size. A added fee maybe charged for stairs. Or worst case your wall will not fit. So please advice prior to event set up.

In other words: We really need there to be someone who meets us and lets us in. Also, size matters. If we can’t get your floral creation/s in the door…that’s an
epic fail. Due to the T&C we are not able to provide the amount of tissues required for the Bride/Groom when they find out Uncle Sam didn’t read the SR booking form/ T&C when booking. 

2.3 – SET UP

Please provide the contact name and phone number of the person who will be available at the venue to ensure that the Sienna Reid floral design are set up in the correct place and position. Ensure someone knows where the set up will be as our SR crew have set up time allocations and may have other events to set up. Extra time may result in a set up fee.

If hired items are moved after set up, any damages incurred will be deducted from the bond.

In other words: As we’ve already said, we need someone to meet us and tell us exactly where the floral love needs to be. Also, if you move things around, that’s OK, but please be really careful. If we know in advance we can make this a little easier for you & can show you how to move items with ease.


Sienna Reid designs are NOT  waterproof – cannot be displayed outdoors in the rain or when the ground is damp. If rain is forecast, your hire item/s will not be displayed outdoors. Flower backdrops / Selfie Station / Neons are NOT TO BE LEFT OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT 

If fine weather is forecast, and it rains, it is the hirer’s responsibility to safely move the hire item/s indoors. All hire items must be returned in original condition in order for the bond to be refunded.

In other words: We won’t put the floral backdrops/ selfie stations or neons  outside if the weather is looking lik eit will rain or the weather person says it will turn to rain. If it unexpectedly turns bad (this is New Zealand after all), we really need you to bring the Sienna Reid item/s inside, please.


Sienna Reid accepts no liability for any direct or consequential damage, loss, or expense sustained or incurred by the hirer, venue or any other parties when moving hire items, or using them inappropriately.

In other words: If someone at your wedding/party/function/event is playing silly buggers and hurts themselves or someone else using something hired from Sienna Reid – that’s not our fault and we won’t cover costs to fix it or them. We did our homework on this one and the legal advice team gave us ( well me my very first A+) so please take extra care.


Refunds will not be offered for any cancellations for a confirmed booking date. A part refund may be offered for any cancellations more than
than 60 days from the confirmed booking date. Or due to special circumstance.

In other words: Please don’t stand us up, there are lots of other people who would love to have a Sienna Reid backdrop at their event but missed out.  We understand that plans change – just give us as much notice as possible. We too have families to feed and ice creams addictions to support. 

Selfie Stations : Please read SS T&C attached.

Selfie Station/Sienna Reid

Please note upon paying your deposit invoice to Sienna Reid/Selfie Station you will be agreeing to all these terms and conditions through reading this service
agreement below – effective from 2017.

This Service Agreement is a legal contract between the Client and Sienna Reid/Selfie Station NZ (the Provider).

The Client agrees to be bound by this Service Agreement and accepts its terms and conditions (unless the Client has signed a separate formal service agreement with the Provider, in which case the separate agreement shall govern). This Service Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and the Provider relating to the rental or purchase of goods or services from the Provider and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.

1.1 The Service Period will be from the Start and Stop times specified in the Client’s Booking Form.
1.2 Time taken to deliver, set up and remove the photo booth will be outside the rental period.
1.3 The Provider agrees to have a photo booth ready for the client and working with all event details pre entered in our app system – we can be on call to assist during these events but we do express to set up prior to the event as if we are for some reason unavailable the client will be soul responsible for running the machine
1.4 Please note if you are on our DIY package or do not hire an attendant once the photo booth leaves us we are not liable for the use or any images taken – you will be 100% liable for set up, technical settings and use. PLEASE SET UP A DAY PRIOR TO AN EVENT TO AVOID ANY ISSUES. In a case of technical fail due to user error we can not be liable for any loss of images, images with different artwork attached or different galleries accessed. We do clearly state on the set up instructions you do need to use ‘Guided Access’ and LOCK the iPad to your event so this does not happen. It will be the clients responsibility unless you have hired an attendant from our team
1.5 If the photo booth is set up by our team once we have departed the event we can not be liable for any changes to the machine – as above technical or physical please do not move the machine as that will void our set up responsibilities
1.6 On the occasion of a pick up we require the photo booth to be as we set it up – not moved or you will be liable for any damages If any

2.1 A non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of 50% of the total cost is due upon agreement of this contract. This is non-refundable no matter what the circumstances are as we have held your function date. No booking will be confirmed until this deposit is paid so we reserve the right to give your date away if we don’t get confirmation of payment.
2.2 The remaining amount is due 14 days in advance of the Client’s Event.
2.3 If the Client uses the equipment for a time period in excess of the service start an stop time specified in the booking form, the additional time in rental time will be billed to the Client. This includes LATE return of the photo booth – you will be required to pay a FULL hire along side the loss of bond for late return of the machine as that will impact further clients.
2.4 The Client shall be liable to pay all expenses and legal costs of the Provider as between solicitor or collection agency in relation to obtaining remedy of any failure to pay.

3.1 The Client will arrange for an appropriate space for the photo booth at the event’s venue
3.2 Unless otherwise stated within the booking form, the Client is responsible for providing access to power for the photo booth operations at the event’s venue – we do not provide extension cords due to health and safety so please note we will require power. (240V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet).
3.3 If the event is outdoors and there is a possibility of inclement weather (rain, snow, wind, or extreme humidity, heat >26ºC or cold <12ºC) unless otherwise stated within the booking form, the Client will provide covered shelter for the duration of the Provider’s attendance at the Client’s Event. If there is any form of water damage you will be liable for all replacement hardware.

4.1 Any request for a date change must be made in writing at least ninety (90) days in advance of the original event date. Change is subject to photo booth availability. If there is no availability for the alternate date, the non-refundable reservation fee shall be forfeited and the event cancelled. If the event is cancelled for any reason, the non-refundable reservation fee is forfeited.

5.1 In the unlikely event of any equipment failure the Provider will make every effort to resolve any technical issues on site. In the event that any failure cannot be resolved within a reasonable time period, the Provider will be allowed to manually capture photographic pictures.
5.2 The speed of internet connection required for connected services will be dependent upon the internet service provider and the Provider cannot be held liable for any delays in connection or connection failures as a result of using any Wi-Fi or mobile internet network. We will have to get the equipment back so this may held up your images being sent to you depending on the courier date.

6.1 The Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s Equipment caused by the Client or its guests. 100% full payment will be required to replace any broken or parts not returned in working order.

8.1 While the Provider takes all care to avoid errors, the Provider accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any
project committed to production. It is the Client responsibility to proof read and approve all final copy. The email verification of the Client’s representative shall be conclusive as to the approval of all artwork. No refunds or reprints are given after a final approved design has gone to production due oversights by the Client’s proof reading.

9.1 The Provider grants a non-exclusive, perpetual, sub-licensable and royalty-free licence allowing the Client to use, copy, reproduce and publish all photos taken by the Provider at the Client’s event.
9.2 The Hirer hereby grants permission for images taken at the event to be published online at the Provider’s website(s) and/or our affiliated website(s), for the purpose of client review, client download and promotional purposes.
9.3 The Provider will not upload or use any images which are deemed unsuitable or offensive on their associated website(s), and will not use any content that may be
considered personally damaging to any person(s).
9.4 The Client, its representatives, employees or affiliates may request individual photos to be removed from time to time, the Provider will liaise with the Client in a timely manner to remove any such photos.

10.1 The Provider will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of Client information. We will NOT use your event data or share this with any third-parties apart from the client unless prior permission is granted in writing. For any public or free event we will use all data provided for promotional purposes.

11.1 Any notice given to the Provider under this Agreement must be in writing (whether or not described as “written notice” in this Agreement) and must be sent by email, for the attention of the relevant person, and to the relevant address or email address given below.

The Provider:
Selfie Station (on behalf of SIENNA REID) –

11.2 This Agreement is made for the benefit of the parties, and is not intended to benefit any third party or be enforceable by any third party. The rights of the parties to terminate, rescind, or agree any amendment, waiver, variation or settlement under or relating to this Agreement are not subject to the consent of any third party.
11.3 This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand; and the courts of New Zealand will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement.